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Please note:
The Fluxx online grants portal is now closed for regular core funding proposals for 2021 (as at 5PM 30 July 2021). From 2022 onwards the Fluxx portal will be open between January to end April for regular applications.

Applications for discretionary and emergency grants remain open. (please refer to criteria for emergency funding on this webpage).

For regular applications please note, RAITH funds across all thematic areas in the social justice space (e.g. environment, health, education etc) as it relates to the achievement of our overall Goal:

To build sustainable civil society institutions that hold those with power accountable for the achievement of a fair, just, and democratic society with dignity for all.

However, each year the Board decides on priority areas for funding given our limited budget and the need to be responsive to critical emerging social justice issues. For the September 2021 Board application meeting the following priorities have been identified:

  1. Governance and Accountability, with a focus on corruption and state capture (e.g exposing and prosecuting corruption or poor governance)
  2. Economic Justice, with a focus on economic redistribution and resource allocation (e.g. alternative food systems, health and education resource allocation, social grants and the Basic Income Grant)
Grant Application Process
The Applicant proceeds to and completes eligibility quiz. There are 2
buttons to select: either a regular or emergency funding request. Please select the correct button as is
Should the applicant fulfil the eligibility criteria, applicant then completes registration
Next, the applicant will complete the first part of the application process and if the application qualifies
for funding, the applicant will completethe final stage of application. If the application does not qualify
at the first stage, the applicant will receive a decline notification
After review, the RAITH office presents the application to the meeting of the RAITH Board in
September and it is approved or declined
If the application is approved, the RAITH office completes a verification of institutional and financial
Once the verification process is concluded satisfactorily, the contract will be signed.
For any technical assistance that is needed please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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For all enquiries, please contact:
Enquiries | The RAITH Foundation | PO Box 3018 | 
Houghton | 2041

Telephone: 011 646 3571

Please note that the RAITH offices will be closed until further notice given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. As such, we are unreachable on the office landline. If you would like to contact us, please send an email to

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