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Strategic Focus


The Foundation’s Theory of Change (ToC) provides a conceptual framework within which the work of RAITH is located. It sets out the most important elements - highest level impact and outcomes aimed for. It assumes that change is achieved through mutually reinforcing and iterative activities harnessing multiple levers of change that lead to more than one outcome.

Fair, just and democratic society, with dignity for all

Long term change

The long term goals of the Foundation’s grant-making are:
• The private sector is more accountable and contributes to a more socially just society
• Government is more accountable, effective and responsive
• Societal norms that perpetuate social injustice are transformed.

Medium term change

The Foundation’s grantees must therefore work towards:
• Holding those with power accountable for the fair and just exercise of that power where it affects the marginalised and vulnerable; and/or
• Enhancing the ability of the marginalised and vulnerable to hold those with power accountable for the fair and just exercise of that power.
• Informing and engaging society in realising social justice

Short term change

The Foundation believes that if the outcomes above are to be achieved then, the social justice sector has to be:
• More effective and impactful
• Better coordinated and collaborative
• More sustainable


To achieve our long term goal, the Foundation has developed a support programme aimed at strengthening the sector and making it more sustainable. The specific objective of this work is to:

• Build a strong and sustainable civil society sector that is more effective

RAITH defines sustainability as the reduction of organisational risks that increases the likelihood that an organisation will survive and thrive in the future, coupled with the mitigation of any harm. RAITH’s vision for sustainability, therefore, recognises two critical pillars to a sustainability and capacity building approach namely:

• Strengthening the individual institutional capacities of organisations
• Strengthening the sector's ability to function in a more coherent and strategic collective.

Grant-making principle

The RAITH Foundation makes grants to formal civil society organisations that operate within South Africa’s democratic framework and whose work is focused on systemic change

Grant-making approach

Specifically, our grant-making approach is:
• Direct support to individual Social Justice Organisations (SJOs) through core grants and emergency grants
• Targeted grants to the Social Justice Sector through discretionary and institutional development grants
• RAITH initiated/supported interventions to support the building of long term sustainability.