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In the interest of learning and regular social justice strategy improvement, RAITH shares the following on this page:

• Research commissioned by RAITH to advance knowledge in the sector
• Important research commissioned by other actors in the sector
• Vignettes, or stories, from our grantees
• Responsible investment approach 
• RAITH policies which are of relevance to our stakeholders
• Useful links to other donors in the sector

RAITH Resources

In terms of the updated Harassment Policy of the RAITH Foundation and procedural provisions (clause 9), the designated person appointed by the Board on 27 November 2022 to receive complaints of harassment is Audrey Elster

Where the designated person is unable to fulfil their functions in respect of a complaint, the Board chairperson shall be the designated person for purposes of that complaint. The Board chairperson is currently Zaid Kimmie:

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