About Us

The RAITH Foundation was registered as a Trust in March 2001. It is a Non-Profit Organisation and has tax-exempt status. The Foundation is privately funded, not politically affiliated and does not raise funds from the public.

The RAITH Foundation is concerned that systemic injustice and unfairness prevail in South Africa and seeks effective and lasting solutions, which address this at its roots.

Since 2010, the Foundation has been implementing a social justice programme.

For the Foundation, implicit in the notion of social justice is the issue of equity and particularly equitable access to resources.

Our definition is thus closely aligned to principles of fairness and dignity. We believe government and the corporate sector have a role to play in advancing social justice and should be held accountable when they fail to do so. 

The RAITH programme has supported projects that provide access to justice for maginalised people, improve governance (especially at a local level) and promote accountability through the media and citizen participation. 

The RAITH Foundation's Values

The Foundation is guided by and endeavours to uphold the following values: respect and promotion of human dignity; rejection of discrimination and unfairness in all their forms; openness and accountability of all institutions of state, civil society and private sector; participation, engagement and debate in all sectors of society.

In addition, we value the following qualities in ourselves and our partners:

  • mutually empowering relationships which seek to address power inequalities
  • compassion and humility
  • innovation
  • creativity and courage
  • passion
  • committed and transformative leadership 
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Raith Staff

Audrey ElsterExecutive Director
Fatima ShabodienStrategy Director
Karene PondeGrants Manager
Faatimah JogeeGrants Officer
Bridget Ndobe – Programme Administrator

Contact us at info@raith.org.za.

Contact Us

For all enquiries, please contact:
Enquiries | The RAITH Foundation | PO Box 3018 | 
Houghton | 2041

Telephone: 011 646 3571

Please note that the RAITH offices will be closed until further notice given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. As such, we are unreachable on the office landline. If you would like to contact us, please send an email to info@raith.org.za.

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