Current Grants: Voice, Rights and Agency

Marginalised people in South Africa enjoy their rights and become agents of change. This is to be achieved by ensuring that the voices of marginalised people are amplified and heard and that they are able to access resources that allow the realisation of their rights.


TOTAL: R1 517 357 over 1 year

2020: R 1 517 357 ​


Afesis-corplan is an NGO based in East London whose work seeks to contribute to strengthening participatory democracy and good local governance, as well as narrowing the inequality gap evident in planning and service provision in local government. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to influence the revised legislation regulating local governance such that it provides for a conducive environment for meaningful citizen participation, pro-poor development, service provision that addresses inequality, co-created solutions to service delivery needs, participatory oversight and a clear separation of powers in council, transparent procurement as well as less bureaucracy and red tape. Furthermore, work by Afesis-Corplan will contribute towards strengthening service provision in the targeted informal settlements and the development of policies articulating norms and standards for basic service provision to guide planning and resource allocation.


TOTAL: R3 210 000 over 3 years

2017: R900 000
2018: R1 100 000
2019: R1 210 000


AFRA is a land rights advocacy NGO working to support marginalised rural people, with a focus on farm dwellers and labour tenants in the uMgungundlovu District in KwaZulu Natal. The issue to be addressed in this project is the on-going marginalisation of farm dwellers, who are largely unable to realise their Constitutional rights to land, services, housing and dignity, due to highly unequal power relations on farms, and the ineffective implementation of legislation and policies designed to give effect to these rights. RAITH funding is in support of the objectives of this project for AFRA to contribute to realisation of the rights of farm dwellers to land, services, housing and dignity.


TOTAL: R2 469 728 over 3 years

2018: R750 235
2019: R838 777
2020: R880 716


The Bench Marks Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit organisation committed to social and economic justice. It conducts research, advocacy and capacity building to support and empower poor and working-class communities, involving forty mining impacted communities, in their quest for justice and redress. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to provide access to remedies and further support to communities through an independent problem-solving service and capacity building programme.


TOTAL: R2 175 770 over 3 years

2019: R663 120
2020: R723 579
2021: R789 071


Citizen Justice Network (CJN) is a media and justice project founded in 2015 that brings together the established networks of paralegals and community radio stations to improve journalism and people’s access to justice. The issues addressed are land evictions, statelessness, gender-based violence, immigration and xenophobia amongst others. RAITH funding is in support of CJN’s objective to recruit additional Community Advice Offices and community radio stations in order to contribute towards higher levels of awareness and knowledge of social justice issues and rights amongst those living in rural and semi-rural or peri-urban communities and to develop a well-informed community that is conscious of its rights and mobilised to access justice.


TOTAL: R2 522 000 over 3 years

2018: R800 000
2019: R840 000
2020: R882 000


GroundUp (a project of the Community Media Trust) is a news agency that publishes social justice and human rights news, particularly related to housing, healthcare, sanitation, education, immigration, policing, labour and social security. News that matters to vulnerable communities (poor, rural, immigrant, disabled, LGBTI, etc) is underreported in the South African mainstream media. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to amplify the voices of vulnerable communities and hold government and the private sector to account.


TOTAL: R5 863 000 over 3 years

2019: R1 638 000
2020: R2 600 000
2021: R1 625 000


Preserving and Digitising the Founding Archive of South Africa’s Democracy
The Constitution Hill Trust (CHT) helps South Africans to respect their constitution, human rights and democracy through their experience of the Constitution Hill precinct. The Hill serves as a living memory of South Africa’s transition to democracy and a place where shared heritage and common future, founded on South Africa’s constitutional values, is celebrated. The project, funded by RAITH, will support the CHT and South African History Archive (SAHA)'s objective to create catalogue, preserve, restore and digitize the five seminal archival collections that tell the remarkable story of the making of South Africa’s constitutional democracy.The dramatic story of the struggle for national liberation, democracy, human rights, and freedom in apartheid South Africa is one of the twentieth century’s most compelling stories. A path-breaking new Constitution signed in 1996 completely overturned the exclusions and inhumane values of apartheid and colonialism and became a lesson for the world. The relatively peaceful negotiated transition from a deeply-entrenched apartheid system to formal democracy in South Africa was hailed worldwide as a ‘miracle’.


TOTAL: R1 488 547 over 3 years

2019: R472 180
2020: R495 789
2021: R520 578


GET is a trust founded in 2010 that promotes environmentally and socially sound planning in compliance with the South African legislation by supporting and capacitating local communities to enable them to participate meaningfully in protecting the environment, their cultural heritage, natural areas and agricultural land, and by providing legal support, information and advice. A GET subcommittee was formed in 2014 to oppose expanding coal mining next to the Hhuhluwe-iMfoloziPark (HiP) causing environmental degradation and destruction, ongoing human rights violations, and the breakdown of the fabric of rural communities. RAITH funding is in support of GET's objective to challenge extractive industries in KwaZulu/Natal to comply with the Constitution and environmental legislation and thereby promote environmental, social and climate justice for communities (currently those neighbouring HiP), their resources, health and well-being.


TOTAL: R 2 444 700 over 2 years

2017: R622 000
2018: R974 200
2019: R848 500


Gun Free South Africa is a national NGO committed to reducing gun violence in South Africa through strengthening national gun laws, creating safe public spaces through the Gun Free Zone (GFZ) initiative, and working with those most affected by gun violence, to demonstrate alternatives to the prevailing social norms that contribute to gun violence. RAITH funding is in support of the objectives of this project to reduce gun violence by and against young men and women. This will require a shift in societal attitudes to guns from desirable to acknowledging risk.


TOTAL: R6 000 000 over 3 years

2016: R1 807 560
2017: R1 976 436
2018: R2 216 004


HIDSA was established in 2006 and is an innovative, developmental donor organization. HIDSA seeks to address the issue of limited funding to Community Based Organisations in marginalized communities. In addition Hivos aims to support CBOs doing work that elevates the voices of marginalised people so that they can be heard and listened to; interventions that increase people’s participation in democratic processes and through these actions deepen democracy. RAITH funding is in support of the objective to provide direct small grants to community based organisations that enable the CBOs to contribute to social change, social justice and gender equity.


TOTAL: R4 660 254 over 3 years

2019: R1 478 272
2020: R1 552 186
2021: R1 629 796


Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) is an NGO that was founded in 1993. MMA promotes media freedom and high-quality journalism through monitoring and analysis, skills-development, advocacy and litigation. RAITH funding is in support of MMA's objective to build an informed and active citizenry who consistently monitor power in both public and private sectors so that abuses are exposed and sanctioned.


TOTAL: R1 891 504 over 3 years

2018: R600 001
2019: R630 000
2020: R661 503


The Right2Know is a democratic campaign which contributes to ensuring that everyone enjoys the access to information and freedom of expression necessary to meet their social, economic, political and ecological needs and live free from want, in equality and in dignity. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to campaign against abusive surveillance laws; campaign for transparency and participation at all levels of government with a focus on the nuclear deal, apartheid secret records, political party funding, tax-dodging and illicit financial flows; campaign for a free and open Internet opposing attempts to censor the Internet and against the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill; to promote journalistic and editorial independence and transparency in the management of the SABC and to expand Campaign progressively beyond urban areas and deepen the Campaign's internal democratic and


TOTAL: R1 926 420 over 3 years

2020: R582 000
2021: R640 200
2022: R704 220


Rural Democracy Trust (RDT), founded in 2017, is a resource mobilisation and compliance body of the Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD) a dynamic and flexible grouping of civil society organisations which have joined together to contest policy and legislation that undermines the rights of rural citizens living in the former Bantustans and which threatens to dispossess them of rights in land. Such laws, policies and practices distort customary law, undermine the security of tenure and rights in land while entrenching the powers of traditional authorities. The ARD has challenged these undemocratic practices and discriminatory laws through campaigns on the ground and through test cases brought before the courts. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to amplify silent voices to influence law and policy reforms on the issues of rural governance, mining and land reform.


TOTAL: R6 305 000 over 3 years

2019: R2 000 000
2020: R2 100 000
2021: R2 205 000


SECTION27 is a public interest law centre which does litigation, media (and other) advocacy, rights training, research and partnership strengthening. SECTION27 aims to address the issues of inequality in education and health. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to ensure that the communities and people with whom Section 27 works understand the rights to basic education and the right to access health care services, as outlined in the Constitution; demand accountability from state and private duty bearers with regard to these rights, and ultimately gain access to these rights.


TOTAL: R6 620 250 over 3 years

2020: R2 100 000
2021: R2 205 000
2022: R2 315 250


SCAT is a veteran intermediary grantmaker with 35 years’ experience supporting peri-urban and rural local development agencies (LDAs), working to achieve social change and justice in their communities. The issue SCAT seeks to address is the need for resourced, capable, accountable, transparent civil society organisations in peri-urban and rural areas, which mobilise community action towards social change and justice. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to support strong LDAs in peri-urban and rural communities to be able to address social justice issues and advocate for systemic change at a local and national level, with a specific focus on access to justice and Gender Based Violence.


Total R5 117 956 over 3 years

2019: R1 607 600
2020: R1 704 056
2021: R1 806 300


The Treatment Action Campaign is a social justice organisation with a focus on health systems strengthening, monitors HIV and TB response, advocates for access to quality and affordable medicines and is involved in local, national and international advocacy and activism. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to intervene and work with the department of health arms towards strengthening the public health care system in provinces TAC operates to ensure that communities have access to affordable and quality healthcare services they need.


TOTAL: R2 605 282 over 3 years

2017: R974 844
2018: R935 394
2019: R695 044


TLAC is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was established in 1996 to promote and defend the rights of women to be free from violence and to have access to quality effective services. TLAC seeks to address the persistent gender bias in traditional courts which limits justice outcomes for women who experience Gender Based violence (GBV). The objective is to advocate for the transformation of the traditional justice systems to better respond and uphold the rights of women who experience gender based violence. RAITH funding is in support of the overarching objective of this project to advocate for the transformation of traditional courts to better respond and uphold the rights of women when dealing with gender based violence matters.


TOTAL: R2 116 694 over 3 years

2020: R 678 080
2021: R 705 203
2022: R 733 411


Workers' World Media Productions is an independent non-profit media production house and labour service organisation that provides support for poor communities and vulnerable groups of workers in the form of media development, organisation building and leadership development. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to ensure that target groups (at least three organised groups of vulnerable workers and ten to twenty poor communities) have improved their livelihoods and living and working conditions, and enjoy greater democratic participation in civic life, including their own media.

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