Working for Social Justice

Emergency Grants

The RAITH Foundation currently funds the following organisations:

The Solstice Foundation

The applicant is a voluntary association using the Solstice Foundation (a registered Public Benefit Organization) as a fiscal sponsor. This application seeks to hold public regulators accountable for their failure to discharge their responsibilities to protect the environment. The applicant is an initiative that seeks to address regulatory failure by the Department of Mineral Resources, the Department of Water and Sanitation, the Saldana Bay Municipality and SANPARKS, all of which have failed to protect a critical biodiversity area by permitting mining to take place in a sensitive buffer zone around the West Coast National Park. The mining will cause severe environmental damage to be done to an area that has been the subject of decades-long, ongoing struggles to protect ecological integrity RAITH funding is in support of the overarching objective of this project to ensure that mining activities at Elandsfontein are averted, thus protecting the surrounding ecosystems, the Elandsfontein Aquifer and ultimately the Langebaan Lagoon.

Total R500 000 over 1 year
Tranche 1: R250 000
Tranche 2: R250 000

Sustaining the Wild Coast

Sustaining the Wild Coast (SWC) is a civil society organisation that helps local communities to achieve their vision of a sustainable future and acts as a civil society ‘watchdog’ to identify and act against unsustainable and harmful practices. For more than a decade amaPondo communities have been opposing the construction of a toll road that will displace and disrupt their lifestyle, culture and livelihoods; degrade a global biodiversity hotspot; and facilitate mining in the area. RAITH funding is in support of the objective of this project to enable the Xolobeni communities to legally challenge the construction of the toll road.

Total R300 000 over 1 year
2016: R300 000